#52WeeksOfTricks – Week Eight: Forward Leg Weave


Week Eight: Forward Leg Weave

After teaching your dog the stationary leg weave from week seven, it’s time to get it moving and turn it into the forward leg weave!

I start off this trick by getting the dog to do a couple of stationary weaves first, this gets them into the grove of weaving before you step off.

With the dog on your left and stepping forward on your right food, use your food lure in your right hand to bring the dog through your legs and around your front leg, reward close to your front leg to encourage tighter movements.

Once your dog is through the first gap, step your left leg through to the front, and repeat using your food lure in the left hand.

Reward for every pass to start off with, I use the word ‘through’ for this command. As your dog knows it better, you’ll be able to remove the lure and move forward with your dog weaving, even without hand signals! Good luck!

Check out our Dog Dancing Basics 101: Forward Leg Weave video to see it done!


#52WeeksOfTricks – Week Seven: Stationary Leg Weave

Week Seven: Stationary Leg Weave!

This week we are going to be teaching the dogs to weave through our legs.
Start with your dog in front of you (parallel) and with your feet about shoulder width apart.

You should have treats in both hands for this.

With your dog starting on your left, have your right arm behind your right leg, with your hand and the treat in the middle. Lure your dog through and around your leg, reward when they come around making sure that you reward right up close to your leg as they bring their head around.

Once they go through the first time, have your left arm behind your left leg and lure through again.

Keep doing this and rewarding every time until your dog moves through quicker and easier.

Check out our Dog Dancing Basics 101: Stationary Leg Weave video to see how it’s done.

Have fun!


#52WeeksOfTricks – Week Six: Beg


Week Six: Beg!

This is one for the older dogs, as puppies won’t have the strength in their back legs to maintain this trick.

Starting with your dog sitting, show them that you have a treat in your hand. Slowly bring the treat up and over their head, but don’t take it to high otherwise they will stand on their hind legs.

Using your other arm as support for your dogs front legs, encourage them up into the “beg” position. Reward your dog for only a short period of time in this position, gradually they will build up the muscles to be able to hold this for longer and without your other arm as support.

Keep practicing and keep consistent and your dog will get this down pat in no time!


#52WeeksOfTricks – Week Four – Hoops


Week Four: Hoops!

Teaching your dog to jump through hoops looks hard, but it’s really quite simple when you break it down.

1. Teach your dog to walk through a hoop that is touching the ground, this helps them learn that it’s not a scary thing (as Bonnie is learning in the photo).

2. Once they’ve got that down pat, lift the hoop a couple of centimetres off the ground and encourage them through again.

3. Place you foot and leg under the hoop (like in Cynder’s shot) and encourage your dog to jump ‘through’. Placing your foot under the hoop helps your dog to realise that they should go through, not under.

4. Once your dog is a pro, you can start lifting the hoop higher!
If your dog has a tendency to go around the hoop instead, place it up against a wall so they can only go through and not around.
Good luck, and have fun! Take your time and with consistent training your dog will be jumping hoops in no time