Video: Cynder 9 months old, Best Tricks at Dulcie’s Dog Show Midsumma 2013

Midsumma Carnival Dulcie Dog Show 2013 from JOY 94.9 Melbourne on Vimeo.

Cynder and I took out the ‘Best Tricks’ category in Dulcie’s Dog Show Midsumma 2013! Considering Cynder is only 9 months old I think she did a pretty amazing job! Check out the video and let us know what you think! šŸ™‚


Dog Dancing? Dances with Dogs Freestyle Starters

Generally the first question out of people’s mouths when I tell them that the Border Collie, Cynder and I do dog dancing is ‘do you do the waltz/foxtrot/insert random dance name here?’. Cynder at KCC parkThe first thing I usually tell them is to YouTube ‘Caroline and Rookie‘ to see one of the most watched dog dancing clips on YouTube. It’s one of my personal favourites and one of the routines that made me think, ‘Yeah, that’s something I would love to do with my dog one day.’

As the Border Collie, Cynder and I move through the levels of Dances with Dogs and Heelwork to Music we will take a closer look at them, and what’s expected of your routine at each level. Firstly we will be taking a look at Dances with Dogs Freestyle Starters level, the basic level where you will start when competing in Dances with Dogs Freestyle.

Dances with dogs has foundations in traditional obedience heelwork but with a bit of glitz and flair added in! The addition of innovative and creative moods, as well as movement in time to and intepretation of music is greatly encouraged, making Dances with Dogs routines a lot of fun to do, as well as a lot of fun to watch!

Cynder at KCC parkStarters routines are expected to be between one minute and one and a half minutes in length and should present a competent performance of positions, actions and moves showcased with musical intepretation. The routine should also showcase the teamwork and partnership between the dog and handler.

Dances with Dogs Freestyle Starters routines are judged on three areas:

  1. Routine Content: The routine itself should be varied with no excessive repetition of moves. Starters level should include at least: One change of pace, or at least two positions or moves/directions, (positions are where the dog is in relation to handler, so could be the dog heeling on left, or on right, etc.) good use of the ring and attention and teamwork between the dog and handler. At starters level it’s expected that the dogs attention is on you at least 65% of the time.
  2. Technical Merit: This area covers the accuracy of the moves, the speed which the dog responds to your commands, the quality of the moves and the dog working in a natural and willing manner. Dogs should respond on the first or second cue, and these can be evident. At starters level, the overall standard expected is at least equivalent to that in Community Companion Dog (CCD) Obedience (but off-lead).
  3. Musical Intepretation: Both the dog, and the handler should move in time to the music, and choreography of moves must be evident and reflect the music and rhythm. This can be through turns, changes of pace, positions etc. that are complementary to the music. This area also includes marks for costume that is appropriate to the music and the theme of the routine.

Getting from Starters to Novice requires 3 passeCynder at KCC parks with 2 separate judging panels. The Border Collie, Cynder will begin trialling next year, and we look forward to hopefully sharing our experiences and routines with you!

It can all seem a bit technical and scary, if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

A New Beginning

Luna the Beagle PuppyWhen I first entered the world of blogging back in 2011 with Luna, a dog’s life… I wasn’t really sure where I would end up. Then about a year in things got a bit hectic with moving house, Cynder breaking her toe and then finally the breakdown of the relationship between Antz and I. Blogging fell a bit onto the back-burner and I started to waver in motivation and commitment.

After attending the 2012 Problogger Event in Melbourne I realised that what I was lacking was my own personal touch to the blog. I had been blogging under the guise of the puppies but always felt I was missing something a little extra. I’ve always enjoyed blogging about pets and have had quite a few opportunities come through blogging, I often felt, however, that Luna, a dog’s life… wasn’t the right platform for me to talk about everything I wanted to.

Kevin the Dog Dancing Guy

Kevin the Dog Dancing Guy

After discovering Dances with Dogs earlier this year and committing myself to training Cynder to competition standard in not only DWD but also Agility I found that it was very rare for a guy to be involved with the sport of DWD, especially in Australia. So “that dog dancing guy” was born!

This will be my own (and Cynder’s, with the occasional appearance from Luna) personal journey through Dances with Dogs, Agility and pet ownership along with some helpful tips along the way! The next year will hopefully be filled with training, treats, toys, trips and who knows what else! Who knows, there may even be a post about cats every now and then (looking at you Jarrod).

Join us each week for photography fun, tips to get that perfect picture of your pet, training advice and things that I’ve learnt along the way.