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  1. Hello!

    I was wondering if I could write a guest post about dogs for you blog?



  2. hi , sir if you have any dogs for adoption ? if yes then please mail me . i am from Nepal .

  3. Good Morning Kevin,

    I am posting here as the email I sent to the address provided was returned to me.

    Here at, our 2016 calendar contest is coming to a close later on this evening. Pet owners have sent us beautiful photos of their pets in our wheelchairs that may be viewed at, and our contest has been booming with enthusiastic voters from all over the country. Finalists have even been featured in their local newspapers!

    This contest is coming to a close this evening (Thursday, 9/10), but perhaps this may be something you are interested in featuring on your blog– whether it be for one last “blast” before it’s over, or to review the results. The contest has attracted thousands of our 100K following, and the finalists’ parents are all very proud! I had seen on your blog that it is International Pet Blogging Month, and thought we might be a company you would be interested in featuring.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful day!

    Thank you,
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