Meet a few of the other LG CordZero Heroes


So we’ve talked about the LG Cordzero 2-in-1 Handstick Vacuum quite recently, and I’ve given you my thoughts on it… But let’s not make this all about me! I’d like to introduce you a few of the other CordZero Heroes and find out what they thought about theirs! Name: Holly Connors … Continue reading

Moving house with pets…. And the LG CordZero™ 2-in-1 Handstick Vacuum


Moving house is incredibly stressful, they say it’s 1 of the top 5 stressful life events that a person goes through. Now imagine for a moment that you’re moving with 9 dogs (3 adults and 6 two and a half week old puppies), a cat, a ferret, a rabbit, a … Continue reading

Dog Vaccinations: What do they protect against and when should you do it?

Cynder and friend at park

At the moment in my house we have 3 fully vaccinated dogs, and 6 unvaccinated puppies (they are just shy of two weeks old as of writing this). I work at an animal shelter and understand the need for vaccinations, particularly when we see outbreaks of preventable diseases such as … Continue reading