#52WeeksOfTricks – Week Four – Hoops


Week Four: Hoops! Teaching your dog to jump through hoops looks hard, but it’s really quite simple when you break it down. 1. Teach your dog to walk through a hoop that is touching the ground, this helps them learn that it’s not a scary thing (as Bonnie is learning … Continue reading

#52WeeksOfTricks – Week Three: Up


Week Three: Up! After teaching your dog how to put their front paws up on an object, it’s time to move on to getting their back legs in on the action as well! After giving the command of “Paws Up” hold the treat once again just in front of their … Continue reading

#52WeeksOfTricks – Trick two: Paws Up


Week Two: Paws Up! Even Bonnie is getting in on the action now! Since you guys asked for it, I’ll now detail how to teach each trick. This is a precursor trick to Horsey from week one, so I thought I’d break it down. You want to start off with … Continue reading

#52WeeksOfTricks – Trick One: Horsey


I’m gonna try and work on at least the basics one trick each week for the dogs this year. Week One: Horsey! Sprocket took to this one pretty quickly, Cynder wasn’t sure at first but got there in the end. There are plenty of scratches down my back now… #52WeeksOfTricks