#52WeeksOfTricks – Week Eight: Forward Leg Weave


Week Eight: Forward Leg Weave After teaching your dog the stationary leg weave from week seven, it’s time to get it moving and turn it into the forward leg weave! I start off this trick by getting the dog to do a couple of stationary weaves first, this gets them … Continue reading

#52WeeksOfTricks – Week Seven: Stationary Leg Weave


Week Seven: Stationary Leg Weave! This week we are going to be teaching the dogs to weave through our legs. Start with your dog in front of you (parallel) and with your feet about shoulder width apart. You should have treats in both hands for this. With your dog starting … Continue reading

#52WeeksOfTricks – Week Six: Beg


Week Six: Beg! This is one for the older dogs, as puppies won’t have the strength in their back legs to maintain this trick. Starting with your dog sitting, show them that you have a treat in your hand. Slowly bring the treat up and over their head, but don’t … Continue reading

#52WeeksOfTricks – Week Five: Roll Over


Week Five: Roll Over! Teaching your dog to roll over takes time and patience, but it’s a great trick once you get it! Start by getting your dog into the ‘drop’ position. In this position most dogs will kick their hip out slightly to one side, this is going to … Continue reading