#52WeeksOfTricks – Week Eight: Forward Leg Weave


Week Eight: Forward Leg Weave

After teaching your dog the stationary leg weave from week seven, it’s time to get it moving and turn it into the forward leg weave!

I start off this trick by getting the dog to do a couple of stationary weaves first, this gets them into the grove of weaving before you step off.

With the dog on your left and stepping forward on your right food, use your food lure in your right hand to bring the dog through your legs and around your front leg, reward close to your front leg to encourage tighter movements.

Once your dog is through the first gap, step your left leg through to the front, and repeat using your food lure in the left hand.

Reward for every pass to start off with, I use the word ‘through’ for this command. As your dog knows it better, you’ll be able to remove the lure and move forward with your dog weaving, even without hand signals! Good luck!

Check out our Dog Dancing Basics 101: Forward Leg Weave video to see it done!


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