Hydration on the go: Torus Auto-replenishing Water Bowl!

IMG_4250I’ve posted about our Heyrex before, Cynder’s activity tracker, but we haven’t shown you the awesome Torus Water Bowl that we got at the same time!

What is it?

The Torus is an auto-replenishing water bowl with a built in filter to ensure that wherever you are your pet has access to clean, fresh drinking water.

How does it work?

The Torus is made from insulated, food grade Polypropylene plastic walls which houses a concealed 2L reservoir. Fill the reservoir from the top opening, turn the cap to the ‘dog’ position and the well dispenses approximately 300ml of water, and replenishes when the bowl is at approximately 100ml.

When travelling, set the cap to the ‘lock’ position and this will ensure there is no spillage! The bowl has been designed with a sleek, stable profile and non-slip rubber pads to avoid accidental overflow and spills.

That Dog Dancing Guys Verdict:

I find that the torus is great at home, as you can fill it up with 2L of water and it will replenish as your pets drink from it (even Charlie the cat drinks from it in our house!). It’s also great to take out on the road, or away on holidays, as it doesn’t spill and you can ‘lock’ the flow until you get to your location. The insulation means that the water keeps cool until Cynder and Sprocket are ready for their drink!

Where can I get one?

You can buy the Torus bowl (RRP $59.95) directly from Heyrex or on Amazon.


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