Does my dog really sleep all day? Her Heyrex suggests otherwise.

When I leave the house each morning I always think to myself that it’s ok, all the dogs are going to do is sleep all day and then get active again when I get home. Right? Wrong!

In the last year we’ve seen a number of wearable devices hit the market aimed at assisting us humans in getting fit and active so it was only a matter of time before similar technology was being developed for our pets. I was invited to try out the Heyrex recently, one of the newest on the market and I must say that I’ve been quite surprised about what the data is telling me.

Lightweight, small and easily attached to Cynder’s collar the device measures and tracks her activity throughout the day, discerning between snoozing, scratching and moving about and then sends it to a receiver which collects all the data online, kinda like a fitbit for your dog. It will eventually build a profile of her behaviour which can then indicate if she’s more or less active or spending more time scratching that day.

Cynder has had the Heyrex on for a few days now, so it’s not completely attuned to her regular behaviour just yet, but I’ve been astounded by the data so far. She’s just so active during the day!

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 11.53.32 amThe graph above shows her activity levels on the 17th of June, a Tuesday which is a relatively normal day for us. Now, whilst she is a lot more active in the evening after we get home it seems to show that during the day she remains quite active as well (the green line is activity, blue is scratching and red is resting).

So now my only question is… What is she doing?! (oh, and what is Sprocket up to during the day as well?) I’ll share more on the Heyrex in future as more data comes in!

Note: I received the device from Heyrex to review and test it’s features, along with a Torus waterbowl. This has in no way affected my views on the device.
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  1. We have a similar device by another company, but my biggest problem is that it isn’t made to fit my dog’s regular collars. It also seems really big and sort of intrusive to me. We keep it on her harness that she wears whenever she goes out, but I’d really love to find something that is smaller and could be worn on a martingale collar.

    • Most of them are fairly new out so I reckon it will take at least a year for the tech to develop further so they can get smaller.

      This one seems like enough that it doesn’t really bother her at all, but I know what you mean, the size is still a bit of an issue.

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