When you move out (and what happens with the dogs)

photo(2)As the moving boxes started piling up around the house, and my things started disappearing from my room both the Beagle, Luna and the Border Collie, Cynder started to sense that something was up. After my recent separation we trialled continuing to live together in the same house, but it just wasn’t working at all. After the decision was made as to what would happen with the girls it was time for me to pack my things and for the Border Collie, Cynder and I to move to our own space.

Having been through two house moves already (at only 19 months old) the Beagle, Luna was the first to work out what was going on. Her behaviour started to change slightly, she would always want to be inside and whine if she couldn’t be, or stare through the door from the lawn. Once she was inside she would have to check out all the boxes just to see what was going on.

The Border Collie, Cynder wasn’t too caught up in it all as the Beagle, Luna but she did get a bit clingier as more and more boxes started to appear. She had been with us for the move only a few months earlier but being so young she just takes it in her stride. Moving can be quite a stressful time for not only you, but for your pets as well. To make it easier on them both, and to start preparing them for the separation that was soon to come we tried to follow a few simple steps:

Keep their routine: Amidst the flurry of packing, photo(3)moving, organizing essentials and buying new goods for the house the most important thing to do was to keep the routine at home. Routine is important for a dog’s well-being, especially for a working dog like a Border Collie. Feeding times, walk times, play time and bed time all stayed the same (even at the new house). To make the separation a bit easier on the girls we modified these slightly but I will talk about that in another article.

Taking the Border Collie to her new home: Prior to the actual moving day (which ended up being a day earlier than I expected!) I took the Border Collie, Cynder to the new house for a bit of a visit so she could check out the new yard and her new surrounds. This was also a great time for me to watch her behaviour and look for any potential problems (ie. areas she might try and escape, or things I would need to puppy proof). To get her used to this area I took one of her favourite toys and played fetch in the yard with her and she was instantly comfortable there.

When the actual day of moving came she was with me for the first car load. This meant that she had plenty of time to settle in the new yard with her toys, treats and bed without having to deal with all my stress. Your dog will look to you for how to react in certain situations, if I remained calm around her then she knew there was nothing to worry about.

photo(1)The Beagle, Luna visiting: As the Border Collie, Cynder and I had moved just before Christmas (I know, I’m crazy like that) it wasn’t too long before the Beagle,  Luna would be coming to spend the week with us. A would be heading over to Perth to see his family for Christmas and so the Beagle, Luna would be coming over to stay at our place. The Border Collie, Cynder had already had a few days to settle into her yard alone and she was happy to welcome the Beagle, Luna into her home.

As the week drew to an end it was time to prepare the girls for their separate lives. In the next article of the “and what happens with the dogs” series I will take a look at making the separation easier for your dogs.

Have you moved house with your pet(s)? How did you help them cope with the move?


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  1. Frankie Furter and Ernie

    It sounds as though Mr. Kevin made this SUPER EASY fur BOTH of you. THAT is grrrreat. Very much Thoughtful of him to consider YOU FURST. Mr. Kevin is a KEEPER fur SURE.
    If we ever have to move we will be sure to do it this way also!!! THANKS fur telling us how it all worked.

  2. Gizmo hasn’t had to move house, but when my ex & I split Giz found it confusing. On a couple of occasions post-breakup we found ourselves at the same social event. I could see Gizmo recognized “X” and didn’t understand why I wouldn’t let him run over and greet. Animals just don’t understand bad breakups

    • Sometimes I wish we could explain it a bit easier to them… But it is a bit difficult. It would be confusing for them for a while, but Cynder is very focused on me so hopefully it won’t be too hard on her.

  3. I think the timing was great to have Luna come and stay with Cynder at her new estate for a while. I suspect Cynder will settle in easier since it is her place. Luna might be kind of sad and pining for her pal. A lot depends on how needy they were for each other in the old house. I know my Mango was so gloomy without his dog pal, Raja, that I thought he was ill. My other dogs, though, have responded well to their only dogness within a few weeks. I know that you both love the girls and will likely be keeping tabs on each other and have time for them to get together again. You’re a super dog dad.

    • I think Luna will have the hardest time, she definitely loves having Cynder around. I’m hoping there won’t be too many issues. I will definitely be making sure they can see each other whenever they can. Thank you Mango Momma 🙂

  4. Howdy Kevin, you have certainly shown us how much you love your girls (as if we didn’t already know!). They will adjust in time because you have kept everything as normal as you could. We have only ever moved house with a cat and I think that is easier than a dog. Our cat settled very quickly after the first 24 hours. Good luck with your new home. A fresh start for the year 2013! We wish you exciting and happy times friend. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  5. I’m so glad Cynder still gets to see Luna, I’m sure it will help a lot with her getting accustomed. I have always believed that dogs sense energy, and I bet Luna picked up on the energy in the house as the big move was approaching. I hope you guys hada comfortable move (as comfortable as one can be) and had a good Christmas!

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