Welcome to Kevin’s Dancing Dogs!

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Hi there, welcome to Kevin’s Dancing Dogs!

My name is Kevin and I’m a dog trainer from Melbourne, Australia with three gorgeous dogs who love to dance.
14689938_10155397561567907_904770024_o Cynder is a 4 and a half  year old Border Collie who has been dancing since she was 4 months old. She’s been on TV, in photoshoots for Esanda finance, Mercedes Benz and The Reject shop. She’s also performed in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide!

14689215_10155397562192907_797957287_oSprocket is 3 and a bit, he’s a terrier adopted fromThe Lost Dogs’ Home. He’s also been on TV and performed at a number of pet expos and events around Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

14725162_10155397561017907_102792402_oBonnie is our young gun who is just over a year old, she’s not performed too many times yet, but she’s super keen!

The dogs love performing and regularly visit aged care facilities where their antics please the crowds and bring some much needed light and laughter to residents. They are also available for expos and kids parties, just get in touch via kevin@thatdogdancingguy.com.au

Hope to hear from you soon! Check us out on Facebook as well!

Kevin & the dancing dogs!

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  1. Kevin,
    Thanks so much. I really enjoyed your site and blogs. Will work on weeks 5-8 (52 weeks of tricks) this week with my dog Lollipop so we can do better in class and someday work towards titles. Years ago I was lucky enough to see Caroline and Rookie in person and attend her seminar.
    Canine Freestyle was the only venue that would allow my crippled dog Merlin who loved to dance to dance and preform. When Merlin died at age 3 my dancing partner was gone and I too stopped dancing. Now after several years have passed I realize that Merlin would want other dogs to dance because she loved it so much and knew they would too.
    Betsy Habich

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